Identify Your Digital Target Audience & Sell More

Digital Target Audience

Digital Target Audience

Digital Marketing Target Audience

Every business on the internet is looking to sell, sell and sell more. But how is it possible to sell your products and services when there are millions and billions of people on the digital platforms. There are so many platforms that one always gets overwhelmed with where s/he should sell. Do you need to target someone specific or you should go all out with your promotions? How would you know, whom to target?

Let’s simplify these not-so-simple questions and identify your digital marketing target audience that enables you to sell more.

What is Target Audience?

In simple words, target audience is, a specific group of people you wish to sell your products and services. These are those people who are most likely to be interested in your products and have homogeneous characteristics like age, gender or specific behavior.

Your target audience is not ‘everyone’ who is on the internet, unless you are Google 😉

Internet is such a unique space – for every business who is selling a product or service, there is an interested customer available to buy. It’s just that your marketing should be accurate in such a way that your business needs to be in the right place, with the right message and at the right time to close the deal. And therefore, targeting the right digital audience becomes extremely crucial of a business.

Why it is important to identify your digital target audience?

Now that we have defined what is target audience, we come to the importance of defining the digital target audience for a business.

In fact, before a business begins to promote their product and services, they must identify their target audience.

Biggest of the businesses confront that “customers are the lifeline of any business”, whether offline or online. If a business will keep shooting in the dark, they might dry up all their resources in order to promote their products.

So, to utilise the budgets in a proper mindful manner, we need to have super sharp target audience to avoid wastage of resources. In other words, your budget is just going down the drain. Identifying the right target audience has been considered as one of the most important tasks by any business that they spend significant amount of resources to accurately identify their target audience. Because once a business identifies its audience, the right message can be designed and it can give great sales results.

Hence, we can say identifying digital target audience and promoting them specifically, will help businesses get more sales.

 According to Forbes Insights report, 43% of companies spend more than half of their budget reaching specific targets and 84% of the companies expect that investment to increase over the years to come.

How to identify your digital audience?

Now that we have established why it is critical to identify your digital audience, they key question is that how business identifies their digital audience? It requires a bit of an investigation work.

First step: Look at your current audience

If you are already in an offline business, this task becomes relatively easier for you to identify the audience persona. Identify their lifestyle, habits, interests, needs etc. Notice who is buying from you? What qualities do they have in common? Are they largely male/female? What is their average age? Where do they live? Do they work, if yes are they professional or in business?

Second step: What are your product features?

Start to ask yourself what product features will benefit my customers? How will it make any difference to their lives? Go a little backwards from the purchase point of your product. For eg – if you are into financial investment solutions then what profession your ideal clients be in? They could be Males, between the age of 25-35 and are also looking at tax saving advice on internet. So this is how you backtrack the whole process and identify your target audience.

Third step: Look at your competition audience

See what your competition is doing, whom are they targeting? Will the same people be interested in your products and services if yes then why?

Create your perfect audience profile

Now that we have learnt how to identify our target audience, let’s now create a customer persona for our business. When we are building a customer persona, we need to take care of these three factors-


What gender, age, education, profession, income level, marital status, race, location etc


Their buying habits, hobbies, values, spending habits etc


What mobile they use, which websites they visit, which social media site they visit a lot?

The above detailed information will help you create your perfect customer profile. Demographics will help you get a detailed information about your typical audience; Psychographics information will help you establish if they will potentially engage with your brand and what problem are you solving for them and Technographics information will help you create the right content based on the device or platform they are using.

You can have multiple customer personas for your business using the above method.

You can also do a survey of the above questions among your existing customers to get broad percentages.

What content will work for your audience?

Now that we have created our ideal customer, let’s create an ideal communication to get his attention. Once you engage with your audience with the right message and the right deal, the probability of closure of sales increases.

Never think content as “One Size fits All”. Your communication can never be same for two set of customers. One creative fit all is not possible.

Think of a goal that you wish to achieve with your communication – is it sales or brand building? You have to design the communication based on your goal.

For eg – As a financial investment solutions provider, when you are talking to new-parents, your communication can’t be same as when you communicate with a young professional who has just started his career journey. There problems are different, hence their solutions and the way a business communicates to them will be different.  

What is your competition doing?

Everyone has heard, “keep your friends close and enemies closer”. It’s one of the greatest business advices you can implement in your business. Always research on your competition. See what they are doing. What type of content on their digital pages get maximum response and why? You can also compare if you are selling the same products, what is working for them and not you? If you see that something is not working right with you, ask yourself how you can improve it?

Monitor your Audience Insights

Now we are talking business – you have reached the final stage where your communication is reaching out to your target audience. It’s time to observe your Insights of digital platforms. Be it Google, Facebook or Instagram, be vigilant about what is working and what is not based on your platform insights.

Know where your audience is coming from – Search or Direct, Website or Social Media. Which device they are coming from to visit your website or social media page? All of this information can help you design the future campaigns more effectively. And knowing the best performing communication, you can retarget the audience by developing content on similar lines matching your target audiences likes and preferences.

Every business must realize this harsh fact that while most customers are now online, that doesn’t mean that all of them will be interested in your products. So the key here is to communicate with your targeted audience, solve their problems, build trust with them and increase your chance of sales.

Hopefully with all the above steps, you will be able to identify your target audience that is most relevant to your business. The ultimate objective here is to convert your loyal followers into buying customers. Once the target audience is identified, you can use traditional or digital marketing mediums to communicate well about your product.

Please do leave a comment below about this article, I would love to hear from you.

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